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To uderstand our commitment with our customers, we must return back to our origins, as a scientific project at University of Valencia in the 90's. We were CASA customers before we became developers and providers of CASA technology, while now, we continue to be CASA customers but of our own products. For us, the most important point is to be proud of our products and our work, and it is not possible to be proud if we don't work for our customers as if the work was for us. And it is. We take the same care. We don't understand another way to work.
We, the PROISER team, support our clients needs, requests, expectations and developing ambitions by affirming the followings:
- we are going to be always ahead and leading the market, shadowing anything coming close to what we have to offer;
- we are going to be restless while looking for new technologies that may come into meeting our client´s needs;
- the attention towards our clients will be equal, with no discrimination regarding distance, language or field/type of work/study;
 - as an innovative company, we shall always support scientific initiatives committed to bring new knowledge into the field, and the dissemination of this vital information is guaranteed;
- never shall be one product discontinued without maintaining the support for it as long as our client needs it;
 - the products we offer shall be always valued first by innovation quality point of view and not by the market point of view;
- no technological failure, if any, shall be denied. 
Imagen The experience gathered by our team allows us offering help when elaborating research and development projects especially aimed at obtaining different kinds of supports.

The present service is defined through the interaction with our users, after the evaluation of their needs and interests and of the best way to have access to both public and private supports.

Do not miss the chance to optimize your resources, count on us.

Our professionals are specialists in image obtaining, processing and analysis, which allows us offering a service of photographic reports for different applications (personal purposes, company purposes and more).

We can also undertake all kind of image processing with the use of the most advanced techniques.

Finally, the field of image analysis allows developing ad-hoc applications for different applications, both of industrial and research nature.


Imagen In our attempt to project as much as possible our experience in the process of training of new professionals, we have a steady experience in teaching specialized courses.

Up to date, we have offered specialization courses on semen analysis —according to WHO criteria— and on the application of image analysis techniques to semen analysis.

Our team combines youth and experience, comprises a multidisciplinary group of expert engineers with capacity to undertake and develop customized applications for professionals in the field of both human and veterinary Medicine.

Our main working area is aimed at digital image processing as well as on the development of integral solutions for different problems, as it is reflected on the products we offer.

We are specialized on process automation technologies, through which we offer our customers that competitive advantage which makes the difference in profits.

PROISER is an expert and one of the main solution developers for semen analysis worldwide.


Imagen We also count on highly-qualified scientific personnel with great experience in data handling and elaboration of scientific publications

We know that —many times— a great quantity of data of maximum relevance for the scientific community is lost due to lack of time or availability for appropriate diffusion.

We can obtain bibliographical sources, write or correct texts, undertake the necessary statistics and put forward the results obtained.

Do not lose data again!!

We offer an alert system of publications which include all those Publications which are carried out with our systems, as well as all those referring to the topic or subject of your applications. The latter are renewed periodically in order to achieve better use.Imagen 
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