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Full ISAS CASA System composed by ISAS software,
UB203i phase contrast microscope with epi-fluorescece and heated stage,
heated stage controller, camera and computer.

ISAS v1 has been developed as a system which gathers tools to be used in both clinic and research. Its application fields are human and veterinarian clinic, scientific research, livestock production and pharmaceutical and reproductive toxicology. It can be considered as the most complete and easy-to-use system in the market which, furthermore, works in different hardware and operating-system conditions, in order to be adapted, as much as possible, to the needs of our users.

ISAS v1 is a multi-specie system that can work with many different sperm samples: man, stallion, bull, boar, goat, rabbit, dog, rat, mice, rooster, mutton, cod, shark, tuna, anguilla and this list is continuously growing. It also has generic analysis configuration that allows sperm analysis of any specie.

ISAS v1 works with cameras up to 200 frames per second, allowing a near perfect track analysis. Furthermore, it is especially designed for quality control programs, allowing the analysis from video files of many different formats (WIndows AVI, Windows Media Video, MPEG-4, DVD, and many others) and images (jpg,png,bmp,gif,tif, ...). So you can have video and image collections for off-line analysis of mobility, concentration, morphology, vitality or DNA fragmentation.

The present equipment is completely modular, so each module might work both independently and jointly. Moreover, we have designed the system to allow you to use most of components you can have in your lab, from the microscope to the computer, if they fulfill the minimum requirements of the system.



ISAS v1 Motility performs the sperm motility and
concentration analysis. It works in a very great range
of species and each species has its own
configuration and analysis algorithms.
Depending on the sample, both negative or positive
phase contrast can be used. The motility analysis of
one field is done in real-time (less than 1 second),
and it can be configured to analyze motility up to 250
frames, at 200 frames per second and with
concentrations higher than 1 000 sperms/field.
Aditionally to concentration , motility and
progressivity percentages, following kinetic
parameters are calculated: VCL , VAP , VSL , LIN ,
STR , WOB , ALH , BCF , DNC , MAD , ... 


 ISASv1 Morphometry performs the morphologic
and morphometric spermatozoa analysis from
stained samples or fresh samples (using phase
contrast optics). The morphometric analysis is done
using different optics depending on species (40x, 60x
or 1 00x) in short time.
ISASv1 Morphometry gives 14 morphometric
parameters: head size (area, length, width and
perimeter), head shape (ellipticity, elongation,
roughness, regularity), acrosome percentage, head
color level, midpiece size (area and width) and
midpiece insertion (angle and distance).

 DNA Fragmentation

ISASv1 DNA Fragmentation automatically performs
the analysis of the percentage of DNA fragmentated
The fragmentation analysis of one field is done using
20x or 40x objectives in real-time (less than 1
second). Depending on the species, information
about size of core and halo is used to define the DNA
fragmentation level.
ISASv1 DNA Fragmentation requires the use of
different kits, like Halotech DNA, based on the Sperm
Chromatin Dispersion test (SCD) technology, or
Tunnel Assay Test.


 ISAS v1 Vitality performs automatic viability analysis
of sperm cells. We need to determine the real
percentage of viability cells in a sample, and to
perform accurately this analysis we need to use
fluorescent techniques with their correspondent use
of appropriate staining kits. Anyway, the classic
eosine-nigrosine stain can also be used now!


ub203i mini

UB 203i

­ Trinocular microscope
­ Heated stage system
­ Negative and positive Phase contrast
­Quintuple revolver nosepiece
­ Power supply 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 5W.
­LED lamp 4W (equivalent to 50W halogen
­ Reflected Fluorecence Attachment for
vitality module or motility and concentration
using Hoechst 


­ Monochrome or color CCD camera
­Image sensor: 1/2" Progressive Scan CCD,
­ Resolution: 782x580, 8/12 bits per pixel
­ Framerate: 63 fps at full resolution
­ Regulations: FCC, CE, RoHS
­ Dimensions: 44x29x63mm
­ Power consumption: 260mA 12V DC (8
VDC ­ 30 VDC)

 mccamera 2 mini
 dell mini


­ Processor: Intel Core i3/i5
­ Memory : 4GB (2x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3
­ Hard drive: 500GB 3,5" Serial ATA (7200rpm)
­ Monitor 20"
­ Windows 7/8 64 bits

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