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PROISER R+D brings its novelties in andrology, to the ESHRE annual meeting

As it is now traditional, PROISER R+D is attending to the ESHRE 2016 meeting at booth A25, with all the innovations developed during the last year.

PROISER R+D strengthens its presence in Latin America, attending at the VII AVEMERE Congress

The Venezuelan Association of Reproductive Medicine (In spanish, AVEMERE), has organized the 7th edition of its congress, in Caracas. Many specialists has assisted from Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, and Mexico.


We will either find a way, or make one.


This quote from Hannibal perfectly defines the philosophy of our company. Always researching. Always creating. Over 25 years of sperm analysis research has - since 1996 - resulted in the development of successful computer sperm analyzers. The power of experience.

A brief introduction

PROiSER R+D S.L. was founded in February 2004 by Dr. Carles Soler and Mr. Francisco Blasco. Both had been working together since 1996 developing CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) systems for other companies.

The "Microptic S.C.P." chapter

In 1989, Dr. Carles Soler, professor of Reproduction Biology and Image Analysis at University of Valencia, signed an agreement with Microptic S.C.P. for the development of a new CASA system. Although the relation with Microptic S.C.P. was not fully satisfactory, they did a very good research at University of Valencia.
At the end of 1995, they required a Software Engineer to finish the development of the sperm morphology analysis software. Just at this point, Mr Francisco Blasco began working in collaboration with Dr Carles Soler. The final result of this work was the SCA-97, which was a very successful software. Unfortunately the policies of the company, both in the commercial and technical point of view conducted to the end of the development agreement.

The "Microptic S.L." chapter

In 2000, the founders of Microptic S.C.P. decided to dissolve the company, and Mr. Bellver (one of the owners of the former Microptic S.C.P.) proposed to Carles Soler to become partners in a new company called "Microptic S.L.". The collaboration of Francisco J. Blasco as freelance and software developer (and Eduard Sanchez as junior engineer, hired by the company Microptic S.L.) was required. Both Carles Soler and Mr. Bellver registered the trademark "Sperm Class Analyzer", becoming its legal owners.

The result of more than two years of work was the CASA system called "SCA 2002" (Sperm Class Analyzer 2002). This product was really good, and served to make a lot of interesting scientific work, with a big amount of papers signed by Dr. Carles Soler. But newly, the policies of the company were not in accordance to the minimum quality required, particularly in the assistance provided to the users.

In May 2005, Microptic S.L. signed an agreement with Carles Soler and Francisco J. Blasco admitting that Francisco J. Blasco was the unique author of the full software called "Sperm Class Analyzer 2002", and from that point, Microptic S.L. could develop its own version of the software, and also we could do the same under a different trademark. This explains why SCA and ISAS has a lot of similarities. Both systems have the same origin: us.
We had considered relevant to make all these clarifications, due to the rumor maliciously spread by Microptic S.L., about them being the original developers and saying that we copied its "SCA". In relation to this issue, we have all the relevant documentation that supports our assertions.

Thus, the agreement signed between Francisco J. Blasco and Microptic S.L., and the final agreement signed between Carles Soler, Francisco J. Blasco and Microptic S. L. are available to those who wish to receive a copy to check as here indicated. You can request them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Forgotten this unfortunate past, we have started developing our innovative CASA systems on the market. So, we are first in having different products for research and routine analysis. Moreover, our great experience of more than 80 accumulative years gives us the opportunity to be in a continuous development process. We hope you can find our work useful and collaborate with us to make day after day the best we can do in the field of Reproductive Medicine analysis.


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